We are all Mary

On the 28 January 2019, a press conference took place in Istanbul,  by UKEAD foundation. Aninternational campaign to support Jerusalemite women and children under the hashtag “We are all Mary” was launched. The campaign aims to shed light on the oppression and injustice women face in Jerusalem.

The campaign will also shed light on women in Jerusalem facing humiliation due to difficult economic and social situations in Jerusalem.

The statement stressed the following things:

Firstly: “We Are All Mary” campaign will continue and culminate in an international conference on the suffering of Jerusalemite women, which will last for two days in mid-April, and we will form a global front and a great movement to expose the occupation practices in Jerusalem, especially against women and children.

Secondly, we call upon the international community to stand with the Palestinian people, specifically Palestinian women in Jerusalem, as the civil rights of women and children are guaranteed by international norms and laws and divine laws.

Thirdly, we call on the human rights and legal organizations to criminalize the practices of the occupation against Palestinian women in Jerusalem and submit indictments against the Israeli occupation state.

Fourthly, we call on Arab and international women’s organizations to work together in solidarity with the oppressed women in the city of Jerusalem by holding joint events, conferences and symposia to expose the Israeli practices against the Palestinian women in Jerusalem and other Palestinian areas.

Please donate kindly towards Jerusalemite women and children


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