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We Believe in the Power of Empathy

Ummet Vakfi is an independent Non-Profit Organization registered in Istanbul, Turkey, with a registration license issued in 2013. For more than 5 years, we have been relentlessly working on serving Palestinian Jerusalemites in Al-Quds through projects that aim at reviving the economy of East Jerusalem, decreasing unemployment amongst Palestinians in Al-Quds, empowering women and children, supporting and developing the education system, providing adequate healthcare, and protecting Al-Aqsa mosque and East Jerusalem’s cultural heritage.

We operate through investing in constant endowments and using the income to support our many projects. We also accept direct donations to Al-Quds.

Throughout these 5 years, with your support and contribution, we have been able to help thousands of Palestinian Jerusalemites: students, women, workers, healthcare staff, teachers, and children, etc.

We believe that mere sympathy towards the less privileged never helps. Actions always speak louder than words; that’s why we don’t sympathize…we empathize…we take actions and responsibility; standing for the powerless in their struggle against fear and poverty.

Why Al-Quds?

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A city with magnificent cultural heritage and historical significance and home to holy sites with more than 80% of its people living below the poverty line; 84% of which are children is a city that needs everyone’s support.

The Creation of Ummet Vakfi

At this stage we reach out to potential donors and after persuading them we fulfil their expectations according to their needs which enables us to gain the trust of our donors.

Ummet Vakfi Investments

Investments are guided by a professional method whereby the foundations management units are evaluated in the best way through the general policy of Ummet Vakfi.

Al-Quds Fund

The Al-Quds is a fund supported by Ummet Vakif’s endowment projects, zakat, donations and support for projects.

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